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Business intelligence (BI) software transforms unorganized data from a variety of sources into reports, graphs and tables that reveal business insights. Displays that are interactive and provide a visual (read: easy to understand) relationship between data sets are invaluable in business operations and client dealings. Tableau is a software that can manipulate unstructured data and present analyses into charts, tables, and visual formats.

Based on user reviews, Tableau Desktop Software is the highest performer in the BI space. The key reason to use business intelligence software is that it enables both an overview and a detailed breakdown of how aspects of business are performing and affecting one another. Easily set KPIs for tracking and measuring success for insight on how to modify a process moving forward.

Tableau is sensitive to both the need for sophisticated code that will speak to a company's IT department intelligently and the need for non-IT users to be able to run queries and analysis directly to get to business insights. The product offers the following strengths:

  • Fast Analytics
  • Data takes only minutes to manipulate into meaningful analyses and clear data discovery
  • Ease of Use
  • Large or Small Amounts of Data
  • All types of data, from spreadsheets to full databases will work within Tableau's environment
  • Smart Dashboards
  • More than one view of data provides deeper business insights
  • Automatic Updates
  • Updates can be done in real time online or on a customer-defined schedule.
  • Share Analyses Easily
  • Built-in sharing on the web and mobile devices

Industry influencers agree that business intelligence tools that provide predictive and prescriptive analysis to a large population of administrators are the future. Standard, static, reports are no longer enough for fast moving businesses that need to adapt to changing environments quickly. Tableau software stores an entire database of information in random access memory (i.e., nearer to the processor) for something called "in-memory" technology. This technology enables faster, real-time analysis to assist with critical decision-making. Because of its visual format, users can quickly identify outliers to data sets and implement new strategies, offering a fundamentally superior technique for dealing with unexpected problems.

Tableau integrates with popular business applications, such as Salesforce, making it intuitive, and providing additional insight into established operational practices. It also renders information onto tablets and smartphones, giving the user the capability of making modifications while mobile. It also has a reasonable pricing model that keeps it within reach of most company budgets.

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