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Transportation Management and Logistics Automation

By PlanetTogether -

4/22/22 2:30 PM

This week Brightdrop, a subsidiary of General Motors, and FedEx set the record for the longest distance traveled by an electric van on a single charge. This event symbolizes the transportation industry's commitment to a sustainable future by hauling...

manufacturing, analytics, workload, challenges in supply chain, manufacturing technology, operations scheduling, Shop floor data collection, planning, logistics, Inventory Management, Sustainability, Concurrent Planning and Scheduling, technology, transportation

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Make to Order

By PlanetTogether -

4/20/22 2:30 PM

Within manufacturing, there are two methods of dealing with inventory: having a substantial amount - or none at all. Now, choosing which way to deal with inventory could be a bit simplistic or a complex process. Therefore, you should ask yourself a...

manufacturing, analytics, workload, manufacturing technology, manufacturing process, operations scheduling, lot for lot, manufacturing trends, manufacturing planning and control, make to order

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Capacity Analysis in Operations Management

By PlanetTogether -

1/22/21 12:00 AM

For manufacturing and production operations, there is a limit to what can be produced within a given day.

This can be due to space limitations in warehousing or a maximum number of items that can be processed on a machine in a given time frame.


Reschedule activity, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Lean Manufacturing, capacity planning, control design, constraint, scheduling, JIT, MRP, theory of constraints, enterprise resource planning, ingredients, multi-plant, Demand Forecasting, Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Modeling, workload

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