Visualizing Simulations with FlexSim

1/18/16 9:00 AM

flexism simulation

When it comes to optimizing your manufacturing process, seeing is believing. FlexSim is a simulation software that models, simulates, predicts, and visualizes manufacturing systems and logistics. The visual user interface of this software visualize makes it easy to optimize these systems for any industry. Industries such as manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, and packaging utilize this simulation software to increase efficiency and plan for growth without wasting energy on the shop floor.

Simulation software gives businesses the problem-solving tools they need to determine whether or not proposed changes to their manufacturing process are appropriate for them. Founded in 1993, FlexSim works to maintain their status as a leader in cutting edge discrete event simulation technology. Their software products

  • A more discernible evaluation tool, surpassing the utility of spreadsheets
  • Access to relevant data that facilitates the removal of waste from a process
  • Increased revenue
  • Advanced 3D graphics that help visualize an environment and sell new ideas to management and clients

With simulation, shop floor managers never waste energy or time on the factory floor implementing changes. It improves manufacturing efficiency, increasing workplace morale across the board.

Simulation software like FlexSim provides you with all the visual data required to answer questions or make decisions that otherwise might be too costly or risky. For example, “what if” scenarios help companies visualize the consequences of new equipment additions or an increase in employees. Simulation software takes this data and visualizes the hypothetical process before your very eyes.

Who Uses FlexSim?

FlexSim simulation software supports engineers, managers, and decision makers looking to validate, improve or learn more about their planned processes. In the manufacturing industry, simulation enables users to optimize floor space, alleviate bottlenecks, minimize machine downtime, decrease operator idle time, and reduce inventory. International, multi-facility companies, like Honda, Gillette, Coca-Cola, use FlexSim simulation software.

FlexSim's spatial, drag-and-drop capabilities make PlanetTogether's Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software even easier to use. Check out their 3D simulations and see for yourself.

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