Planettogether APS software subscription plans and process

Buying into advanced planning and scheduling software for your MRP, ERP or MES system can be revolutionary - to the upside. PlanetTogether shares an equal interest that the system is a great fit for your company and drives real value for your business while making life easier for your teams. So, we have developed a proven and incremental value-creating process that is aimed at successful adoption of the application and integration with your ERP, MRP or MES IT systems.

STEP 1 - Proof of Value (2-4 weeks)

  • Simply provide your data to PlanetTogether via spreadsheets and then watch how the system is able to simplify your planning & scheduling while generating greater value for your business using optimization tools.
  • See the beginnings of a "digital twin" simulation of your factory that provides predictive visibility like never before
  • Experiment with different optimization rules to see the potential impact on your production metrics

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STEP 2 - SureStart (2-4 Weeks) Onboarding

  • SureStart is a rapid implementation methodology for PlanetTogether (APS) that enables companies to utilize the core capabilities of PlanetTogether with minimal data requirements, in as little as 30 days. This agile methodology deploys tools that help users streamline scheduling, manage resource utilization, and provide real-time insights for effective decision-making.
  • The methodology is designed to help companies get value as fast as possible and in the most economical way, by avoiding the need for integrations or extensive data gathering. This is accomplished by loading core scheduling data via Excel spreadsheets and by relying initially on manual schedule refinement rather than extensive automation.
  • Get an operational system with the core scheduling features at your fingertips, to simplify and speed up schedule management.
  • Share schedules across your company for unified visibility.
  • Evaluate schedule changes with full understanding of potential impact on metrics and other orders, for better decision making.

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STEP 3 - (Optional) optimization, Planning & Integration

  • After the SureStart deployment is complete and the system is operational, further automation can be addressed if necessary and direct ERP integration can be configured if desired, as part of a secondary optional service agreement.
  • Further streamline the scheduling process with more precise constraint automation and optimization.
  • Add MPS and MRP to your optimization toolset to improve customer responsiveness, material purchasing coordination, and greater overall operational efficiency.
  • Create end-to-end bi-directional integration with ERP, MES, and Supply Chain Systems

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Integrate your core IT infrastructure, ERP, MRP or MES system. PlanetTogether is a prime APS integration solution for SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Aptean Ross, SQL Server, QAD, and many other industry leaders. Be ready for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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MRP, ERP, and no matter the size of your operation, PlanetTogether scales to meet your needs.

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Whether you have plants and warehouses around the world or in a single location, working to achieve Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 status, with PlanetTogether production planning and scheduling, you'll have demand, capacity and inventory visibility to help you get ahead of whatever changes are coming your way.

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