Introducing PlanetTogether's SAP Business ByDesign Integration

Dec 18, 2017 8:50:25 AM


SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud based ERP solution designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers. By partnering SAP ByDesign with PlanetTogether APS, you can schedule your plant operations more efficiently and update your production orders in ByDesign automatically with the new start date and resource information.


PlanetTogether's production scheduling and capacity planning software has been pre-integrated with many SAP products for years, including SAP All In One / SAP ERP, SAP Business One, and Business One with Fourth Shift Edition. Now we are happy to announce that PlanetTogether offers a standard integration with SAP ByDesign as well!


While Business ByDesign is a powerful tool, there are a few ways in which PlanetTogether can enhance the manufacturing scheduling process. While working with a customer on this new ByDesign integration, we realized that once the start date for a job is scheduled in ByDesign, users are no longer able to change the start date.  In contrast, PlanetTogether allows you to freely reschedule not only the start date, but the resource that the job is assigned to. With this in mind, Joseph Castel, the PlanetTogether Solutions Engineer behind this integration, set out to bring that flexibility to ByDesign. I sat down for a conversation with Joseph to see how he tackled this unique challenge:

What scheduling problems in SAP ByDesign were we trying to overcome by integrating it with PlanetTogether?

In Business ByDesign, the production order gives you a scheduled start date, and you release the order. If you want to change the date, you have to delete the job and create it again with a new start date, which can be time consuming and error prone. And, when you change start date in SAP, you're unable to see how the rest of the schedule will be affected by this change. This could lead to unexpected late customer shipments.

How does PlanetTogether address these issues?

For rescheduling, instead of needing to delete the job and create it again, PlanetTogether allows you to drag and drop as you wish in order to find the best schedule, and adjust other production orders on that machine. And when you reschedule jobs in PlanetTogether, it immediately shows you the effects of your actions on other orders. This is invaluable to planners because their job is all about making smart tradeoffs that are good for customers and the business. Visibility and agility are crucial in manufacturing scheduling.

If you’d like to know more about our SAP Business Bydesign integration, and see which tables and fields can be imported and exported, please visit our knowledgebase article or contact us.

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