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$1,500 / month / plant

"An entry level tool for small to mid-sized companies"

or $45,000 for lifetime license
Including service + year one support
  • Unlimited Planning & Scheduling Users
  • Delivery Optimization
    (Due date, Lateness, Just-In-Time...)
  • Material & Capacity Plans
  • Drag-and-drop Scheduling
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Predictive Analytics*

$3,000 / month / plant

 "A powerful optimization engine for complex businesses"

or $90,000 for lifetime license
Including service + year one support
  • Everything in Essentials, Plus:
  • Productivity Optimization
    (Setup, Product, Customer...)
  • Custom: Rules, Views & KPI
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope & CoPilot Scheduling
  • Master Production Scheduling
  • Material Requirements Planning

$5,000 / month / plant

"A platform to standardize planning and optimization across plants and warehouses - establishing a SuperPlant™ and SuperChain™ system"

or $150,000 for lifetime license
Including service + year one support
  • Everything in Pro, Plus:
  • Cross-Warehouse Inventory Planning
  • Cross-Plant Scheduling & Capacity Planning
  • Financial Optimization
    (Throughput, Profit, Revenue...)
  • Visio Process Flows
  • Lot Controlled Planning
Service and Support included to get started quickly and flexibly by Web conferencing
On-site and remote services plus support are included for a guided launch
Helpful face-to-face and remote service and support are included to successfully deploy across your organization
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Pricing Calculator
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Select the Plan.

  • Essentials
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Select the Payment Type.

  • Buy
  • Subscribe
  • POC

Buy: Purchase a lifetime license including corresponding Launch Services and year one Support

Subcribe: Use PlanetTogether on an annual access plan, including corresponding Launch Services and Support.

POC: Try PlanetTogether on a monthly access plan, including Essentials Launch Services and Supports.

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Pricing Summary

Plants $/mo
Unlimited APS Users included
Analytics Users $
Essentials Launch Services included
Essentials Support Plan included
Year One Total per Month $ $

Annual Renewals:

Annual Support Plan $
Analytics Users $
Total Renewals per month $

Estimated cost to get started:




Estimated annual renewals cost:


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Enterprise Benefits
Achieve maximum business improvements with standardized processess across locations to optimize customer service and financial performance.
Pro Benefits
Automate best practices in planning and scheduling with powerful optimization rules that drive on-time delivery and productivity every day.
Essentials Benefits
Start simply to gain visibility into capacity, schedules and inventory using an integraded planning tool that's easy to use and quick to launch.
What is a Plant?

A Plant is a set of production resources that can be controlled and optimized as a unit. Typically a Plant corresponds to a physical factory. Additional Plants are priced at a 50% discount.

What is included in the price?

Price includes: Software, Launch Services and year one Support Plans. Hardware and any applicable taxes are not included in the price estimate.

Integrations to some third-party systems are sold at additional cost.

Are educational discounts available?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to work with schools, so special pricing is available for qualifying educational institutions. Please contact us for more details.

Are regional discounts available?

Yes, regional discounts are available for qualifying companies in some countries outside of the United States and Canada. Please contact us or your PlanetTogether Certified Partner for more details.

What are the buying options?

The three different options to get started are listed below: 


Purchase a perpetual/permanent software license which includes Launch Services and a one year Support Plan. Support Plan renewals are optional for future years. Perpetual licenses are priced at the equivalent of 30 months of Subscription. 

Initial payment is 50% of year one price; then 25% net 30, 25% net 60


Purchase one year of access to the software, including Launch Services and a Support Plan. 100% of Subscription payments can be applied towards a perpetual license conversion within one year of the start of the Subscription. Subscriptions are prepaid annually.  Applicable taxes excluded from estimated price. 


Proof Of Concept (POC)
Enterprise customers often prefer to start with a POC for a more detailed and ERP-integrated test-drive. A POC can be any number of plants, users, and months as needed. 100% of POC payments can be applied towards a perpetual license or Subscription conversion within one year of the start of the POC. If POC payments are credited towards a purchase, then the service days in the fixed price services purchased are reduced a corresponding number of days based on the daily service rate and amount paid during the POC.

POC's include Software, Essentials Launch Services and an Essentials Support Plan.

POC's are prepaid on a month-to-month basis with each month priced at twice the annual subscription's monthly rate. Applicable taxes excluded from estimated price

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*Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics are cloud-based and accessible from PlanetTogether, from your PC or mobile browser, or on an iPad or Android Tablet. 

Purchases, Subscriptions, and Proof of Concepts all include one Predictive Analytics user. Additional Users are available for $99/user/month (billed annually). 

An active Subscription or Support Plan is required to access Predictive Analytics.

“We now have a consistent tool for our planning and scheduling that is used by most of the departments, from supervisors, production planners, purchasing, IT staff, and management. More importantly, we’re delivering what we said we would, when we said we would. PlanetTogether is an amazingly powerful tool.”

Bruce Hayes

Vice President of Manufacturing
DePuy Synthes, a Johnson & Johnson Company

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“We feed it the facts we know, and it automatically proposes an optimized schedule that allows us to meet those dates. It’s something we tried, but never could do manually."

Dick Marx

Materials Manage
Knapheide Truck Equipment

"There was an immediate one hundred-fold change in visibility."

Eric Horne

Production Planner

"Scheduling was very manual, and we ran into too many bottlenecks due to poor scheduling. Worse yet, we continually risked delays on customer deadlines, which was not acceptable any longer."

Greg Van Leirsburg

Production Scheduler
Standard Process Nutritional Supplements
APS Industry comparison

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- Custom Toolbars
- Advanced Search
- Layouts
- Alerts
- Workspaces
- Inventory Pane Improvements
- Gantt Highlighting

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