4 Principles Within Agile Manufacturing

7/31/18 5:17 PM

In lean manufacturing, focus is directed on waste minimization and value maximization. This has allowed manufacturing operations to be able to rid themselves of excess inventory, create a continuous flow in production, simplify the manufacturing process, and minimize defects. Agile Manufacturing Principles As this process is being integrated into more operations, applying agile manufacturing methodology is the next step. Agile manufacturing can aid manufacturing operations by focusing on personalized customer products. Before applying agile methodology to your operation, it is important to analyze the principles within agile manufacturing: consumer enrichment, competitive enhancement, organization, and leveraging impact.

Consumer Enrichment 

While lean is more waste oriented, agile is more customer oriented. One of the most important principles within agile is enriching the customer through various factors such as identification, monitoring, and understanding factors such as Quality Function Deployment. Satisfying consumer demands is a key component within agile manufacturing.

Competitive Enhancement 

Having all departments on board for agile methodology can ensure for a much more efficient and competitive atmosphere. This is by partnering with firms that have the same ideas and mindset about the production. This is how you can set yourself a step above competitors and adopt a much more flexible and adaptable supply chain.Principles Within Agile Manufacturing


Proper organization within the operation is one of the most important aspect of an agile manufacturing operation. This is due to swift changes in circumstances such as consumer preference, demand, and production. This allows production to be flexible and be prepared for a change at a moment’s notice.

Leveraging Impact 

People are essential within agile operations, which is why it is important to constantly monitor the impact of human capital. This is because humans possess skill, information, and the drive to enhance productivity and improve the manufacturing process. Locating potential leaders that can take production in the right direction can bring extreme benefit to an agile operation. It is also extremely important to keep up with current manufacturing trends and advancements in technology, which can improve your manufacturing operation tremendously.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS)

Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) can enhance agile manufacturing operations with ease. As the software is able to be easily integrated with ERP or MRP operations, it offers various benefits and capabilities that can optimize production tremendously. Various benefits of the software include the following:

  • Improved Delivery Performance
  • Profit Boosts
  • Reduction in Inventory and Cost
  • Six Month ROI

Quickly turn your manufacturing operation into a gold mine by integrating PlanetTogether’s advanced planning and scheduling software (APS). Try out our free trial or demo!

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