4 Trends of Distribution in 2018

6/9/18 6:05 PM

Industrial manufacturing continues to evolve at an ever-rapid pace; with one of the largest areas of advancement pertaining to that of industrial distribution. Trends in Distribution 2018Distribution is a vital component to industrial manufacturing due to the reality that production cannot be all that it can be without an optimal means of resource distribution. Locating the areas in your operation where distribution is deficient can be effective in boosting your distribution network's overall efficiency.

Alterations Within Industrial Distribution

Distribution Trends in 2018

Within industrial distribution, there are four key areas that are changing and have all seemed to happen within the same timeframe. With these swift changes, the industrial distribution aspect of production has become a different atmosphere, with changes being in the following areas:

  • Options - Customers like to have a choice - making sure that you are the best choice becomes essential. Becoming the best distribution choice can be done by integration with distributors who offer various other products. By doing this, you are beating out the competition by having a wide variety all in one package.
  • Convenience - Having a location that is closer to customers will enable them to want your product more, simply out of convenience. As customers are ambitious with buying, this creates a demand for receiving a product quickly. A nearby location to customers is extremely beneficial to distributors.
  • Experience - This term can range from availability of product to product description enhancements. This area also includes order history, shipping and refunds, management of productivity, and various other aspects. Customer experience is extremely important to distribution - after all, happy customers mean more sales.
  • Cost - Arguably one of the most important factors pertaining to customers, having a cost friendly distribution network can lead to more sales. When you integrate options and diversify your product line, distribution can cost less through large orders and reduced delivery times. All in all, this creates a lower, more price-friendly option for your consumers.

These alterations within industrial distribution are vital when it pertains to the industrial distribution industry. Taking into consideration these aspects within the industry will promote further insight into distribution.

Planning Distribution with Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems are extremely advantageous systems that can enhance distribution within a supply chain. The capabilities geared more toward distribution of the system include the following:

  • Supply Scenarios
  • Optimization of KPIs
  • Smart Sourcing

Utilization of an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system can efficiently enhance production, accuracy, and distribution within any given supply chain. Try a free trial or demo!

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