Global ERP Software for Manufacturers: Microsoft Dynamics 365

6/2/18 9:00 AM

Before your manufacturing or production operation seeks out global customers, there are many things to be considered, such as: production and trade laws of involved regions, historical and projected stability of all regions in your supply chain, market volatility, currency conversion matters, demand of the product, brand awareness development potential, and constructing an overall durable business plan that can survive the challenges of a budding multi-national force to be reckoned with.

ERP Global Software for Manufacturers

As these many intertwined aspects are being considered, the paramount decision of which  ERP system is best for knitting together global initiative, resource management, and supply chain communication comes into question. Not all ERP systems are ready for global use; locating one that is flexible and equipped can be complex to evaluate. As global production facilities are looking for a durable means of production, many are finding Dynamics 365 for Operations as a viable solution for manufacturing and producing with your new global footprint.

Dynamics 365 for Global Operations Capabilities

Dynamics 365 has globalized capabilities that function well in global supply chains. Some of the capabilities and attributes of this sturdy Microsoft-built ERP system, as it pertains to global positioning of an enterprise, include the following features:

  • Multi-Language and Currency
  • Accounting Standards
  • Various Government Regulations
  • Integrated System & Reporting
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

Dynamics 365 for operations is easily considered an advantage to manufacturing operations that are looking to expand globally. After conducting an analysis on the requirements of your operation, and evaluating the globalization features of Dynamics 365 against other ERP systems, you would need to assess the communication and integration needs of those upstream and downstream in your production realm. Global ERP Software for ManufacturersIf a critical mass of production or supply chain factors lend themselves towards a Dynamics 365 for Operations buying decision, then this ERP system can aid your operation through flexibility, effectiveness, and accuracy of involved points of production.

To enhance the performance of this or any ERP, you may find that advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS) can be a logical progression towards better optimizing production through a higher visibility of production data, as well as real-time interaction with data that results in real-time control over flow - and much, much more.  

Integration of APS with Dynamics 365 for Global Operations

APS (advanced planning and scheduling systems) are becoming a top choice in the manufacturing industry. With easy integration of modern-day ERP systems such as Dynamics 365, production facilities are able to enhance their operations locally and globally through reliability of an integrated system. Some of the examples of what you can import from Dynamics 365 for Operations includes:

  • Work Center Groups
  • Machines, Items, Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase, and Production Orders
  • Routing Lines and Production Order Components

As the perks of an ERP with an integrated APS system are presented, production facilities around the globe are choosing this coupling to raise their efficiency levels to new heights. Check with an APS provider to evaluate the generally-impressive ROI potentials of advanced planning and scheduling coupled with Dynamics 365 for Operations. Many offer a free demo or free trial of their software.  

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