Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software Features

6/20/18 3:00 PM

In today’s manufacturing industry, ERP systems alone are simply not enough. ERP systems are able to manage functions such as technology, services, and HR, but lack strategic decision making capabilities.

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) features Yes, modern-day ERP systems will manage production at a macro level, but without the strategic functions such as planning, scheduling, bottleneck visibility, materials distribution, and ordering, your expectations for an optimized operation should only go so high. As these challenges are presented to manufacturing operations, advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS) are being implemented into operations and filling in the gaps that ERP alone lacks.

Implementing Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software (APS)

An outdated belief might exist that implementation of an APS system is a time-consuming headache that is just too expensive; this is untrue. Considering that APS systems can easily be integrated and implemented quickly and in a cost-friendly manner, your ERP is likely losing you more than the cost of recovery of lost potential.  PlanetTogether APS offers quick and simple integration with various systems such as:

  • Microsoft ERP - AX (365 for Operations) / NAV/ GP
  • SAP - All In One, Business One (Fourth Shift and Production One)
  • Infor Fourth Shift
  • Elliot BOM
  • Elliot SF
  • Macola ES

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software is offered as an extension of your ERP and when the two systems operate together, production is enhanced dramatically. Yes, the systems can operate separately, but without an ERP system APS can not effectively make strategic decisions when applying manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. Integration of the two systems will be the best scenario when it pertains to improving manufacturing and production.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) for Large and Small Manufacturing Operations

APS has been utilized by large production facilities since they were available. Large operations have always been in need of APS software, which has allowed for the misconception that small manufacturing operations do not necessarily need it. Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software - APSImplementation of an APS system can allow your operation to be able to adequately compete against much larger size manufacturing operations through schedule optimization, market analysis, order anticipation, and many more capabilities. This is how you can separate yourself from other small manufacturing competitors and optimize your production facility quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling - How it Works

Advanced planning and scheduling systems (APS) enable users to be able to make tactical plans based off of consumer orders before they even occur. This provides direct insight into multiple scenarios and allows for you to be able to choose the best situation, which also pertains to MRP, which allows a user to be able to reschedule without having to run a new MRP. MRP and APS also correlate through time accountability and manufacturing limitation, which then allow MRP to construct a plan. All of these attributes through advanced planning and scheduling will save your production facility time and money.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Benefits and Capabilities

With various capabilities such as multi-plant operation integration, Superplant, real-time operational visibility and overall throughput enhancement, APS is becoming a top choice for manufacturing operations and supply chains around the globe. These attributes are allowing production facilities to be able to efficiently optimize production and enhance their operation thoroughly. Various other benefits of APS include:

  • Improved delivery performance
  • Boosts in Profit
  • Reduction in inventory and cost
  • Six-month ROI

Implementation of an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) will take you and your manufacturing operation toward the next step of production efficiency and allow you to separate yourself from the competition and to widely increase capacity.

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