Importance of Production Planning and Control

9/8/18 4:34 PM

As many manufacturers are trying to locate a software that can improve overall production efficiency, production planning and control seems to be a viable option. Importance of Production Planning and Control While the production planning portion of the software handles the activities before production begins such as scheduling, production control oversees production and ensures that production is operating according to schedule. Overall, production planning and control can play a substantial role in production through waste and cost minimization.

Production Planning & Control Importance 

Some of the most beneficial features of production planning and control include the following:

  • Customer Service Enhancement - Through improved scheduling and production, these services allow customers to have a much more pleasant experience through enhanced quality of goods and on-time delivery. These improvements will ultimately win customers over and persuade them to establish an on-going and profitable relationship.
  • Inventory Control - With a promising production planning and control system, inventory planning becomes much easier. This is done by maintaining inventory levels while also minimizing inventory investment. The software is also able to enforce better control over raw-material inventory, which benefits purchasing.Importance of Production Planning and Control
  • Equipment Improvement - Production planning and control accounts for any lack of productivity among equipment. It allows for management to oversee productivity among equipment and ensure that resources are being used efficiently.
  • Plant Morale Improvement  - Plant morale is improved significantly through ensurement of work flow and avoiding any rush orders. This is conducted through communication and proper coordination of activities among departments.
  • Idle Time Reduction - Productivity is lost through idle times where workers are waiting for any materials, which is where this software can enable a much more smooth flow of materials.

One of the most popular production planning and control systems available now is PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software - PlanetTogether 

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software offers as an extension to modern day ERP systems. APS is a form of production planning and control software that can improve production with ease. Some of the benefits of APS include:

  • Improved Delivery Performance
  • Reduction in Inventory and Cost
  • Six-Month ROI
  • Profit Boosts

Implementation of an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) will take your and your manufacturing operation toward the next step of production efficiency and allow you to separate yourself from the competition and to widely increase capacity.

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