Production Planning and Control Functions

8/24/18 1:50 PM

Although many manufacturers fall under the false pretense that ERP alone is enough, many have come to the realization that production planning and control can be an extremely beneficial component to production. Production planning and control software has become a must for modern day manufacturers. Production Planning and Control FunctionsWithout production planning and control, the production facility will not be able to come closer to overall efficiency and ultimately leads to waste creation. Before implementing a production planning and control system, it is essential to understand the key functions that will improve your manufacturing operation.

Key Functions with Production Planning and Control

Some of the key functions within production planning and control include the following:

  • Materials Function - In order to eliminate waste, high inventory, and various other costly inefficiencies, production planning and control includes specific measurements of materials that are needed within a certain time period. This enables raw materials, parts, or other components to be delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Equipment - Production planning and control analyzes any equipment down time or maintenance schedules and attempts to keep production flowing smoothly. This will further help the facility through staying efficient and on-time with future orders.
  • Methods - This function includes the analysis of possible alternatives and schedules that production can follow. The software can generate multiple schedules and choose the one that is best suited for the operation and any constraints that are currently hindering production.
  • Routing - Routing pertains mainly to the portion of the software that oversees how raw materials transform into a finished product. The software is able to find the most advantageous path for raw materials to take.
  • Estimating - After the process sheet for operations is made available, operation times are then estimated. The function is then carried out using analysis on areas of operations such as routing, raw materials, and various other areas.Production Planning and Control Features
  • Dispatching - This phase includes execution. This process pertains mainly to setting production activities in motion through a set of instructions. This function takes control of production by releasing materials, components, and tools to the operator.
  • Expediting - This is the tool that oversees the progress of production. It then coordinates the execution to the production plan.
  • Evaluation - This stage includes evaluating the entire production process. This portion helps identify areas where productivity is lacking and implements a strategy to improve that particular area.

Production planning and control software is a vital component to any production facility. As many manufacturers are coming to this conclusion, PlanetTogether is becoming the top choice.

PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

PlanetTogether’s advanced planning and scheduling software can easily take your production to the next level. Some of the features included in our software include the following:

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • What-If Scenarios
  • Drag and Drop
  • Quick, Easy Implementation

For more information on advanced planning and scheduling software, click here!

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