Production Planning and Control Features

7/9/18 9:11 PM

In the past, manufacturers believed the misconception that you could plan for production, but there was no way you could control it. Controlling production enables you to reduce cost within the process and establish a much more efficient flow within your supply chain. Production Planning and Control Features
As modern manufacturers are looking for ways to reach this goal, they are all coming to the same solution - production planning and control. Utilization of a production planning and control system can efficiently optimize your production, allowing your facility to reach its full potential.

Features of Production Planning and Control

For many project managers, a production planning and control system has become vital to their operation. With advancements of modern technology, manufacturing systems have become self-manageable, allowing manufacturers to simply oversee the system while focusing on other areas of the facility. Production Control FeaturesAs production planning and control systems are being integrated into facilities everywhere, here are a few of the features available:

  • Material Functionality - Instead of manually entering in the amount of materials that are needed, the system is able to order the correct amount of parts. This function reduces cost through data accuracy, on time delivery, correct quantity, and standardization.
  • Machines and Equipment - Through in-depth system analysis, locate various versions of production scheduling that will account for equipment maintenance or downtime. Accounting for these factors will enable your production facility to have a steady flow of uninterrupted output.
  • Routing - This feature deals with the route in which raw materials will take to finish the product in the most efficient way possible. This process could include various duties such as path fixation, analyzing operation details, and process time decision making capabilities.
  • Loading and Scheduling - Coordination of machines and the scheduling process is vital within a manufacturing operation. This also correlates with capacity planning and efficient output, which are enhanced through production planning and control as well.
  • Dispatching - Through release of order instructions, this phase includes executing the plan. Production activities begin and the process of materials, tools, components, and instructions are given to the operator.
  • Evaluation - The process ends with system evaluation and locates areas where improvement is needed. This is done each time as the process is carried out and the production facility comes closer to overall production efficiency.

Through these various features, production planning and control offers benefits that can efficiently improve your supply chain and turn your factory into a profit center.

APS with Production Planning and Control

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems are production planning and control systems that offer as an extension to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This software offers capabilities that can improve factory performance in the following ways:

    • Delivery Performance
    • Profit Boost
    • Inventory Reduction
    • Six Month ROI

Easily reschedule production orders, solve bottlenecks, analyze what if scenarios, and eliminate the need for manual data input. Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) will put you above the competition and allow your production facility to reach overall factory efficiency.

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