Manufacturing Scheduling and Production Planning Software

9/29/18 12:31 PM

Manufacturing scheduling and production planning software is not only a production scheduling software, it is a flexible and powerful system that accounts for real-time events throughout the supply chain. Manufacturing scheduling and production planning softwareThe software is able to easily be integrated with modern-day ERP software and quickly boost efficiency through improving delivery requirements and customer demand. Before implementing manufacturing scheduling and production planning software, it is important to understand the main functions within the software.

Functions within Manufacturing Scheduling and Production Planning Software

A few of the following functions within manufacturing scheduling and production planning software include the following:

  • Capable to Promise  - The “What if” capability accounts for the entire production process in order to determine potential availability of required raw materials, parts, any manufacturing time, etc.   
  • Forecasting and Production Planning - With real-time integration, order entry and sales modules allow for much more collective forecasting. This is due to real-time data being made available throughout the enterprise.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) - Materials requirements planning (MRP) is a crucial component to modern manufacturing operations. Without MRP, purchasing and planning of raw materials and maintaining inventory levels is much more challenging.
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) - This portion of the software accounts for all resources and cost associated with manufacturing demand. Overall, forecasting, sales orders, and current work orders are inserted into the system which then generates a production plan.
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) - This scheduling capability executes plans through enabling adjustments to production and plan for any unexpected hindrances within production.

As advanced planning and scheduling software is becoming more prevalent within manufacturing operations, PlanetTogether has become one of the top companies that supply the software.

PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Advanced planning and scheduling software offers as an extension to ERP software. APS can easily improve areas of production through efficiency, ROI, throughput, and others. Some of the features of APS include the following:

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling Software
  • Gantt Drag and Drop
  • Inventory Planning
  • Multi-Plant Capabilities

Quickly turn your production facility into a gold mine by implementing advanced planning and scheduling software!

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