3 Advantages of Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

9/29/18 12:38 PM

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) pertains to areas of planning within manufacturing such as consumer demand, capacity planning, material flow, and inventory planning. This software creates a plan that production is able to follow while also accounting for unforeseen obstacles and hindrances. Advantages of Master Production Scheduling (MPS)Instead of being a production planning software that only accounts for consumer needs, it also targets meeting any capabilities pertaining to the entire manufacturing operation. As master production scheduling has become key for manufacturing operations, there are many advantages that can boost efficiency within the operation.

Master Production Scheduling Advantages

A few of the advantages of master production scheduling (MPS) include the following:

  • Communication Tool - One of the main benefits of master production scheduling is the communication tool capability pertaining to plans within manufacturing. The software provides concise information about any manufacturing plans and allows manufacturers to have a clear understanding of what is to expect, which is then interpreted throughout the entire organization.
  • Aid Supply Chain - Another of one the key benefits within master production scheduling (MPS), the software help prioritize requirements within supply chain. This is conducted through analyzing all requirements and then choosing what needs to be completed first. This will aid supplier relationships through utilization of real-time demand and on-time delivery, ultimately combatting any other inefficiencies within the supply chain.
  • Stabilize Production - Within MPS, stabilizing production is the goal. Having a steady flow of production is extremely important in terms of efficiency and on-time deliveries. This component is conducted through analyzing production and locating any areas where there are potential bottlenecks or other forms of hindrances.

A form of manufacturing planning and scheduling software is advanced planning and scheduling software (APS). Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) is becoming a top choice for manufacturers that wish to take their operation up a notch.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) offers as an extension to modern day ERP and MRP systems that lack capabilities. Some of these capabilities include multi-plant operation integration, superplant, real-time operational visibility, and overall throughput enhancement. This is why APS is becoming a top choice for manufacturers and is improving production in a variety of ways such as:

  • Improved Delivery Performance
  • Boosts in Profit
  • Reductions in Inventory and Cost
  • Six-Month ROI

Implementation of an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) will take you and your manufacturing operation toward the next step of production efficiency and allow you to separate yourself from the competition.

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