Master Production Scheduling Benefits

9/8/18 4:29 PM

Inventory planning can be extremely challenging without software to oversee the entire process. This is why Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) has become a key component within modern manufacturing and proper management of inventory. MRP pertains to an algorithmic software that handles inventory planning, purchasing, manufacturing, and the transferring of items to ensure minimal inventory levels. Master Production Scheduling Benefits Although MRP is an extremely advantageous software, master production scheduling (MPS) builds upon it by taking inventory planning a step further with forecasting. This allows manufacturers to develop a thorough plan for production and inventory while also feeding sales information about what is available for customers. Before implementing MPS software, it is important to define how the software works and some of the main benefits.

Master Production Scheduling - How it Works

MPS is the process in which manufacturers are able to plan which products and quantities are needed to produce in a period of time. Basically, MPS oversees the production process in terms of what is being manufacturing and what materials are being procured. MPS does this through utilizing supply and demand data and forecast to ensure that products are being produced in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Without MPS, ERP lacks the planning capabilities that enable manufacturers to achieve production objectives and minimize overall cost. Overall, MPS can easily take your production to the next level through maximized efficiency and waste minimization.

Benefits of Master Production Scheduling 

Some of the benefits of master production scheduling include the following:

  • Adjustments - Easily make adjustments to any form of fluctuation in demand while also minimization waste.
  • Shortage Prevention - Prevent any form of inventory shortage or mishaps within scheduling. This will save money through preventing waste or high holding cost.
  • Improve Efficiency  - Arguably the biggest advantage of MPS is efficiency improvement. MPS oversees production and accommodates for any swift changes in scheduling and production, ultimately avoiding any wasted production.
  • Effective Cost Control  - Turn MRP up a notch with much more accurate estimates of material requirements and delivery dates.

Along with Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software offers as a form of MPS that can easily aid production.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Advanced planning and scheduling software offers as an extension to ERP software. APS can easily improve areas of production through efficiency, ROI, throughput, and others. Some of the features of APS include the following:

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling Software
  • Gantt Drag and Drop
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Multi-Plant Capabilities

Quickly turn your production facility into a gold mine by implementing advanced planning and scheduling software!

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