Value Stream Mapping Software for Manufacturers

7/17/18 1:59 PM

With any product, there are particular attributes that consumers will favor over others. This permits trade-offs, leaving it up to the consumer to decide what attributes about the product they can and can not do without. Value Stream Mapping Software in Manufacturing Any item or step within the product process that is non-beneficial to the consumer is considered wasteful - which is why utilizing a value stream map can be advantageous. Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing technique that enables your operation to be able to analyze, document, and enhance information or material flow within your supply chain. This process easily allows you to identify areas of waste and produce a much more consumer-oriented product.

7 Waste within Value Stream Mapping in Manufacturing 

Value stream mapping aids in identification and elimination of the seven common waste within manufacturing:

  • Overproduction - Although it may seem like creating large sums of product is beneficial, it can bring harm to your production flow and quality. Overproduction only increases storage and lead time waste within your production facility.
  • Waiting - Maintenance, downtime, inefficient transportation, or any loss of productivity can lead to a big loss in revenue.
  • Conveyance - Waste is prevalent within this area of manufacturing, including acts of double-handling and excessive movement.
  • Stock Surplus - Along with overproduction, too much inventory leads to increased holding cost and lead time. This is why it is important to have production flow as efficiently as possible.
  • Wasted Energy - This area of waste pertains to any unnecessary movement by employees such as stretching or bending. Any unnecessary movements bring absolutely zero benefit to the facility.  
  • Processing - Poor processing includes unsafe production, pertaining to inferior communication and unnecessary motion.
  • Mistake Correction - Defects only cost production facilities money, which is why it is extremely important to try and make sure the product is correct the first time around.

Value Stream Mapping in Manufacturing Benefits

Value stream mapping is extremely advantageous to your facility and can promote thorough insight with ease. Various benefits of value stream mapping include the following:

  • Quick to Learn
  • Cost Reduction
  • Inexpensive
  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Inclusive Program (Workforce Involvement)

Although these are just a few of the benefits of value stream mapping, it can benefit various fields as well.

Value Stream Mapping Utilization in Various Fields

  • Logistics - Reduce and eliminate waste within the supply chain by identifying the inefficient points of production.
  • Software Engineering - Find inefficiencies in software development such as rework and feedback loops. Utilizing VSM will reduce time between steps and eliminate rework need.  Value Stream Mapping Software in Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing - Value stream mapping is most beneficial to manufacturing and enables the facility to take a deeper look into their production. This enables the facility to easily identify steps in which consumers consider non valuable and enforce a strategy to eliminate the steps. This can reduce waste within the operation significantly and allow for a much more concise and efficient production flow.
  • Healthcare - Improve steps to take in order to treat patients in a more timely and effective manner.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) with Value Stream Mapping

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) can be utilized with lean manufacturing and value stream mapping. APS ensures for an optimized production flow and aids in eliminating the seven common waste of lean manufacturing. APS can successfully enhance your operation through the following capabilities:

  • User Interface
  • Multi-Plant, Multi-User
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • What-if Scenarios

Enhance your operation with ease and quickly turn your production facility into a profit center through integration of an advanced planning and scheduling (APS) system.

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