Implementation – Five Stages to Superplant

Superplant is a cohesive, nimble and value-creating system of plants optimized by operations planning and scheduling solutions. Click here to learn more about Superplant and to see a graphical representation. By partnering with PlanetTogether and going through the stages illustrated below, Superplant can be achieved in any manufacturing environment.





Brief Summary of Key Features and Benefits:


Realize: Learning Process Pre-Implementation


  • Learn how modern planning and scheduling systems may improve your business
  • Together we pinpoint which problems need to be solved and what may be holding you back
  • Clarify your choices through a needs-analysis, solution demonstration, and realistic ROI estimate


Visualize: Easy implementation of a visual, integrated and interactive scheduling board


  • Clear view of schedules, workloads & inventory
  • Easily create capacity plans, inventory plans and production schedules
  • Collaborate seamlessly in real-time across departments and plants
  • Resolve bottlenecks through “what-if” scenarios and drag-and-drop rescheduling


Synchronize: Implementation of solutions to align production with market demand


  • Manage variability proactively using buffers
  • Systematically increase bottleneck resource throughput
  • Strategic consulting and software improves company performance


Optimize: Implementation of detailed and custom functionalities to maximize KPIs

  • Achieve the highest levels of KPI performance
  • Built-in intelligence enables effective automation
  • Tailored planning & scheduling rules for pinpoint accuracy


Capitalize: Post-implementation partnership to measure and ensure success

  • Succeed with strategic initiatives backed by your Galaxy platform
  • Adapt to changes in your business and technology
  • Enhance team skills with ongoing training
  • Benefit from ongoing Galaxy enhancements


Contact us for more information about the implementation stages, detailed functionalities or anything else related to our products and services.


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