Advanced Planning and Scheduling Implementation

11/10/21 10:30 AM

Planning and scheduling are two of the best opportunities to reduce waste and increase revenue. However, many manufacturers struggle with realizing the full potential of these opportunities. PlanetTogether, as a planning, scheduling, and analytics platform, helps with the minimization of inventory.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Implementation It aids in the understanding of capacity and how to implement proper capacity management. The platform implements realistic plans that are always accountable. And PlanetTogether also offers additional features to measure potential fallbacks in your manufacturing process.

What-if Scenarios

Have a customer that would like to change their next order from four weeks to four days? PlanetTogether can generate simulations, compare the results, and provide you with the best plan to meet your new deadline. Whether a company features a single plant or multiple plants around the globe, this platform provides a working solution for manufacturers.

Easy Implementation

APS implementation PlanetTogether integrates easily into an already-established planning system and doesn’t require much maintenancean ideal scenario for any company seeking immediate results. As opposed to other planning and scheduling programs, PlanetTogether's implementation takes as few as six weeks. The difference lies in the method: the platform organizes informational hierarchy to better meet your system's needs.

The Planet Together Trial

With over 50 years of collective experience in manufacturing, the PlanetTogether team is there as a resource for clients. During the trial process, our team works with yours to load your data and model your production processes. It’s like going through a full launch but in a more compressed manner. At the end of your free 30-day period, PlanetTogether eases your way into complete implementation with a Transformation Phase.

With full usage of this platform, companies save up to 90% of their planner’s time with optimized schedules. Since communication is key, PlanetTogether enables everyone in the enterprise (from sales to accounting to receiving) to understand these plans and how to meet customer delivery dates. Think of this platform as an ERP turbocharger. Companies can witness this phenomenon through the free trial.

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