Advantages of Shop Floor Control in Manufacturing

8/15/18 1:58 PM

Manufacturing has become much simpler with the implementation of shop floor control. This software allows manufacturers to have a consistent up-to-minute visual and analysis on their operation through their smartphone, email, or any other form of digital device. Advantages of Shop Floor Control This software also allows management and employees to have thorough insight within their operation by easily viewing what stages production and projects are in, how well production is flowing, and where issues within production are occurring. This has made it all much simpler for manufacturers to take control of their supply chain and come closer to reaching overall efficiency.

Shop Floor Control Advantages

Within shop floor control, there are a series of advantages that can further aid production planning and control:

  • Up-To-Minute Information - Instead of having to wait and see how well production is flowing, shop floor control enables up-to-minute analysis. This allows you to have complete visibility within your supply chain and locate areas where improvements are needed.
  • Transparency  - As shop floor control offers data, project insight, and anything relevant to your supply chain, it enables your employees to all work toward the same goal. This is why accurate data and transparency is a must, because everyone must be on the same page to work toward the overall goal.
  • Cost Reduction - Older systems require manual entered data and were not as efficient at locating issues within the supply chain. Shop floor control is able to locate areas where productivity is lacking and does not require manual entered data. This saves time for project managers that want to focus their efforts on other areas and basically allows production to run itself.
  • Support - Teams can solve problems together instead of separately. Shop floor control enables various departments to interact and communicate with each other, ultimately allowing them to pursue and fix issues collaboratively. This solves issues much faster and saves the entire operation revenue and time.

Take control of your manufacturing operation through implementing an advanced planning and scheduling system.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Manufacturing operations are quickly finding out that ERP and MRP systems are not enough for production. While ERP and MRP are extremely beneficial, they are not as compatible with more strategic and complex operations, which is why advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software is a viable option. Advantages of Shop Floor Control Advanced planning and scheduling software allows you to take control of your production through various capabilities and benefits. Some of these capabilities include the following:

  • What-if Scenarios
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Smart Drag-and-Drop
  • KPI Views

Take your production facility to the next level by implementing an advanced planning and scheduling system. Try out our free trial or demo!

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