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3/16/22 2:30 PM

After understanding its capabilities, planners in the manufacturing world view PlanetTogether's software as the key to floor efficiency. They can spend hours upon hours of their day manually creating schedules and spreadsheets to optimize factory output.collaborating with plannersWith so much potential for change, they’re constantly re-strategizing and crunching numbers in order to produce the most up-to-date schedule for the shop floor. Luckily, PlanetTogether's software offers the opportunity to take some of these burdens off their plate.

The Opportunity

PlanetTogether's planning and scheduling software allow planners to focus on more strategic work. They simply feed the software their variables, and in turn, the software creates a schedule for them. This convenience enables the planner to use his or her time to make the types of changes only a human can make. PlanetTogether's software serves as a data hub for information, an aggregator of analytics, and a contributor to critical decision making.

Ease of Use

Before the existence of planning and scheduling software, the plant supervisor spent almost all their time figuring out who was going to do what on the production floor. Through the implementation of PlanetTogether, a typical scheduler or planner will witness a 70% reduction in their workload. It’s not about changing the machines or what they’re doing, rather, it’s about using them more efficiently.

Communication is also enhanced. Planning and scheduling software directly connects the planners with manufacturing. Therefore, any changes made by the planner are immediately visible to the manufacturing side.

Stress-free Software

Planners utilize a myriad of tools found within the software to optimize their planning and scheduling processes. Some of the more popular tools feature the ability to adjust schedules visually or from a grid, as well as the ability to make changes and immediately see the impact of those changes on customer orders. Such insight provides planners with valuable decision-making data needed to make informed business decisions. These what-if scenarios are the go-to-resource of a planner/scheduler; it allows them to run hypothetical simulations without publishing the changes and affecting the shop floor.

For planners within the manufacturing industry, easier scheduling is what they’ve always wanted, they just didn’t know there was a tool to help.

Learn more about what PlanetTogether has to offer planners and schedulers here.

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