IOT Predictive Processes

4/6/22 2:30 PM


The latest advancements in technology are driven by communication between devices. This concept is called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT makes it possible for all factory areas – from shop floor to sales — to be digitally connected. This collaboration and exchange have already saved companies billions of dollars in revenue. In addition, departments that previously worked separately can perform as a cohesive team using data and production areas.

Thanks to IoT, areas in the supply chain process separated by distance can now collaborate seamlessly across digital platforms. Issues involving material shortages and labor schedules that might have incurred high costs to repair ten years ago are more manageable today. Supervisors can provide support to employees, fix problems, and view solutions in real-time. In the case of PlanetTogether APS software, a manager has all their process supported on one system. They can check the software to see late jobs, on time, or early and adjust their schedules accordingly. 

Integrating your plants, factories, and warehouses with an IoT solution like PlanetTogether can solve multiple challenges, including:

  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of assigned jobs. 
  • Managing the flow of materials. 
  • Set appropriate expectations based on the pacing of your workforce. 
  • Use what-if scenarios to find the best scheduling solution.

Innovation drives business growth in every sector; the manufacturing industry is no different in this regard. PlanetTogether APS software provides a method for efficient scheduling to help manufacturing companies with resource management. As a result, manufacturing businesses like yours can now plan, control, integrate, and analyze their scheduling processes without ever stepping foot on the shop floor. 

IoT has transformed the manufacturing industry. The changes made to operations are here to stay. PlanetTogether APS is an IoT software that manages scheduling for the manufacturing industry. Data tells a story. With PlanetTogether APS, the story of your business can be one that delivers, meets deadlines, and expertly manages its workforce.

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