Manufacturing Process Improvement - 4 Methods

7/10/18 1:39 PM

Improving the manufacturing process is an obstacle that many productions facilities are trying to overcome - but it is not impossible. Improving the manufacturing process is extremely beneficial to not only your operation, but to your consumers as well. Methods to Improve the Manufacturing Process As the process is enhanced, consumers will receive much more quality products, ultimately developing a loyal and trustworthy consumer base. Through utilization of these few manufacturing process improvement tips, enable your operation to optimize production through waste reduction, adequate training, consumer consideration, and a thorough change in mindset.

Waste Identification and Reduction

As you are growing your operation, the amount of waste you produce should not be growing as well. Producing more waste means that you are missing out on significant revenue. Identifying various areas of waste within the operation such as defects, overproduction, inventory, or transportation is only the first step, but it enables the operation to develop a thorough plan for waste reduction. Waste elimination is one the most advantageous methods to improve your manufacturing process.Manufacturing Process Improvement Methods

Adequate Training

Employees are only as strong as management, therefore properly training management on how to improve the production process will be passed on to employees. Developing a thorough understanding of production improvement methods and how to identify them will ensure for a much more smooth and efficient production flow.

Consumer Consideration

Turning to your consumers for answers will enable you to understand what they do not value in your product. Over-designing cost more money and is considered wasteful, simply because consumers can really do without it. To do this, you can utilize a process called value-stream mapping, which identifies various steps within the process. This permits consumers to identify the step (or steps) in which they do not consider valuable, ultimately permitting you to eliminate the step. This is how you can properly locate areas where you are wasting productivity.

Changing the Mindset - Enabling Improvement

Having the mindset that small production improvements are insignificant will hold production back. It is important to recognize even the small attributes that can enhance your operation, because every small improvement can eventually lead to one major improvement. Encouraging other areas of management and employees to locate improvement methods is extremely advantageous to your operation and will provide thorough insight.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) in Improving the Manufacturing Process

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software can efficiently optimize your manufacturing process. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software offers as an extension of your modern day ERP and MRP systems, filling in the gaps that those systems do not account for. Various capabilities of APS include the following:

  • “What-if” Scenarios
  • Capacity Planning
  • Schedule Generation
  • Easy Integration

For more information on advanced planning and scheduling software (APS), click here!

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