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9/21/15 9:30 AM

Process mapping is an important aspect of the manufacturing industry. Like a blueprint, mapping takes the overall manufacturing procedure and breaks it down into moveable parts to easily determine areas that require improvement.
Process Map for Manufacturing Standard process mapping also helps determine that all these moving parts function properly. It reduces friction among all elements of a typical workflow from order to delivery.

Building the Proper Plan

Similar to a flow chart, manufacturing process mapping remains a dependable technique for streamlining your workflow. Its reliability stems from clearing channels of communication and mitigating error between departments.lean manufacturing tools

Performed properly, mapping enables an organization to:

  • Increase Team Involvement and MoraleInvolving everyone in procedural development allows employees to enact positive change within the organization.
  • Pinpoint any Vague ProblemsMore stages within a manufacturing process increases the possibility of miscommunication. A clear order of operations helps eliminate any confusion.
  • See the Big PictureMapping helps employees see how their responsibility directly affects manufacturing within the facility as a whole.
  • Audit with EaseA clear order of operations eases confusion for auditors who may not have a clear idea of the detailed functions within your facility.
  • Facilitate New Employee On-boardingA sufficient process map enables any new employee to swiftly understand the business in a short amount of time.
  • Reduce WasteMapping exposes unnecessary or repeated steps. Removing unnecessary steps saves time and money.

    Two Ways to Map Your Manufacturing Process

  • Process FlowchartThis chart captures the detail of the manufacturing process through a sequence of activities and decision points. The flowchart covers initial point-of-sale, outlines the necessary channels of workflow and allows team members the opportunity to identify waste.
  • Deployment FlowchartA deployment flowchart details the interactions between employees (and their given tasks) and departments. This type of flowchart assigns specific jobs to limit interdepartmental miscommunication.

    Though manufacturing process mapping has been around for years, there have been few advancements. Until recently managers stuck Post-It notes onto whiteboards to map their workflow. Luckily, advanced planning & scheduling software now make it easy to streamline this task. The software additionally assists with managing orders, capacity, and inventory. It's a great way for managers looking to save time and money to increase their workplace efficiency. 

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