What is Materials Resource Planning (MRP II)

7/17/18 4:38 PM

In the past, resource planning was a task that called for manual information input by project managers. For most manufacturing operations, these resources were classified as employees, equipment, facilities, and materials. As technology has advanced, materials resource planning (MRP) has become a much more simple and strategic process in proper resource management. Materials Resource Planning (MRP II)These advancements in technology have enabled project managers to manage resources through visual and automatic production scheduling. Resource planning is vital to manufacturing operations that want to take their production to the next level and create a much more efficient production and resource flow. Without manufacturing resource planning, facilities are unable to effectively assign resource tasks, jobs, or projects to labor. If you are considering implementing an MRP system into your operation, here are a few of the functions and benefits of the software.

Materials Resource Planning Software (MRP II) Functions

  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS) - By creating a master production schedule, production is able to follow the best route. It allows the system to be able to accurately predict how much product is needed to be produced. This plan can effectively combat bottlenecks, poor productivity, and other areas of inefficiency, ultimately leading to increased production and revenue.
  • Purchasing Management - This area of the system can be the purchasing of any raw materials that are needed for production. Through this systematic capability, the software is able to effectively purchase materials without manual input, allowing for a steady flow of materials throughout production.
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) - A production planning, scheduling, and inventory control component that manages the manufacturing process. This capability is completely software based and functions without human intervention. The system makes sure and carries out three objectives - ensure material and product availability, material and product control, and develop a plan for manufacturing, scheduling, and purchasing.
  • Capacity Planning - Through utilization of accurate data for demand, the software is able to develop a plan for capacity. This plan accounts for a varying demand and the maximum amount of product that can be produced and utilizes the most advantageous route for capacity. This saves facilities from high holding cost and prolonged lead times.

Materials Resource Planning Software (MRP II) Benefits

Through utilization of MRP, there are benefits that will enhance your production facility:

  • Inventory Control
  • Enhanced Scheduling
  • Improved Supplier Relationships
  • Enhanced Control of Production

Manufacturing resource planning software is extremely advantageous to manufacturing operations, but it is not fully capable of running a facility all on its own. Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) allows your operation to be able to take a more strategic approach.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) with Materials Resource Planning (MRP II) 

Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) can effectively be integrated with ERP and MRP software. It offers as an extension to the software and adequately accounts for areas that these softwares lack. Some of the benefits of advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) include:

  • Improved Delivery Time
  • Boost in Profit
  • Six Month ROI
  • Inventory Reduction

Quickly optimize production within your facility and separate yourself from competitors by integrating an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS). For more information on APS, click here.

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