Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Benefits

10/22/18 10:31 AM

Many project managers run into the same problem - lacking efficiency within their supply chain. Even with all of the correct attributes, such as a substantial ERP and MRP system, production still falls a bit short. As this problem is becoming rampant among production facilities, project managers are finding advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software to be a viable solution. Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Benefits As the common misconception of ERP alone being enough for a manufacturing operations is diminishing, advanced planning and scheduling softwares are able to fill in the gaps where ERP lacks. With the diverse features that are available within advanced planning and scheduling software (APS), there are many benefits that can be associated with it.

Benefits within Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

Some of the benefits associated with advanced planning and scheduling software include the following:

  • Improve ERP - With the right APS system, you are able to easily integrate the software with your ERP system. This will drastically increase your current ERP system and allow your operation to take a much more specific approach. With APS, it allows you to manage real time individual orders and generate achievable production schedules while taking into account shop floor constraints.
  • Increased Visibility - Visibility within your supply chain is key. Efficient APS software allows you to display need-to-know information in a simple manner that is easy to understand. This is conducted through color coding, setting alerts, or utilizing dialog boxes that will increase knowledge among users of the manufacturing operation. Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software Benefits
  • “What If” Analysis - Locate the best production method through utilization of what-if scenarios. What-if scenarios allow you to view what would happen if you entered variables into your production, ultimately enabling you to choose the most advantageous production scheduling method.
  • Lean Manufacturing - Lean manufacturing pertains to waste elimination within the supply chain through value stream mapping. Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) utilizes lean methodology and can reduce waste throughout the whole company, ultimately becoming a much more efficient operation.

With all of the benefits associated with advanced planning and scheduling software (APS), PlanetTogether’s APS system is becoming a top choice for manufacturers that wish to take production to the next level.

PlanetTogether’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

The benefits of PlanetTogether’s advanced planning and scheduling software seem to be endless - multi-plant operation integration, real-time operation visibility, throughput enhancement, and many others. These benefits are what users of advanced planning and scheduling are experiencing and has allowed them to effectively optimize their supply chain. Various other improves within their operation include the following:

  • Delivery Performance
  • Boost in Profit
  • Reductions in Inventory and Cost
  • Six-Month ROI

For more information on advanced planning and scheduling software, click here!

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