Cloud Based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software

7/17/18 9:35 PM

The need for having an integrated connected system is growing daily for manufacturing operations. Manual, on-premise ERP, MRP, and MES systems just simply do not make the cut for modern manufacturing anymore, which is why it may be time to gravitate toward the cloud. Cloud technology has become an extremely beneficial component to manufacturing operations of any size. Cloud Based Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Software Cloud-based systems are able to have equipment function collaboratively, enabling the facility to become connected and operate accordingly. This used to mainly pertain to ERP, but MES has now made the jump to cloud connectivity. As MES is able to become a component of cloud technology, production has just become a whole lot easier.

Cloud Based MES as an Integrated System

Cloud ERP is becoming fairly common within manufacturing, which leaves on-premise MES systems a step behind. Most manufacturing operations should integrate a cloud MES system to keep up with an advanced ERP system. The two systems combined allow for an integrated and connected system, with each of the systems cooperating with each other to ensure smooth production. The two cloud based softwares present up-to-minute data that you are able to easily access on your phone, enabling you to keep a close eye on the health of your supply chain at all times.

Cloud Based MES and Manufacturing Connectivity

MES is able to oversee production and make sure everything goes according to plan. On-premise systems are not able to be as easily accessed and monitored like cloud-based MES software. As MES is taking responsibility for overall production, this leaves room for other areas of manufacturing to be focused on. Cloud based MES software is the easiest way to gain insight into your supply chain at any given time and locate areas where aid is needed.Cloud Based MES Software for Manufacturers

Cloud Based MES Visibility

Integrating your ERP and MES system enables your operation to be able to collect data across your entire supply chain. All of the data that is presented throughout the supply chain (low productivity, bottlenecks, etc.) are broadcasted to the entire system, allowing for thorough visibility into your production. As this data is collected, systematic decision making capabilities are enacted and permit the entire system to be able to optimize the production cycle. This is how the system is able to enhance the supply chain through various periods of production and attempt to reach maximum efficiency within your facility.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) with Cloud Based MES 

Many project managers are coming to the realization that ERP alone is not enough and are beginning to look for ways to further enhance their supply chain. Ultimately, many are coming to the same conclusion - advanced planning and scheduling (APS). Advanced planning and scheduling software (APS) can be easily integrated with cloud ERP and MES software. APS offers various capabilities that can enhance production immensely. Benefits of APS include:

  • Six Month ROI
  • Delivery Time Reduction
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Boost in Profits

For more information on an APS system, check out our site here!

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