Finite Scheduling and the Food and Beverage Industry: What are the Benefits?

5/15/20 10:30 AM

Developing a plan for your production process for the food and beverage industry is absolutely essential, especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. With high volatility in the market and excess buying habits of consumers, there is a need to be able to develop adequate forecast and ultimately obtain the most advantageous scheduling process pertaining to your operation. As many manufacturers are coming across this challenge, they are falling short in adequate software and solely utilizing ERP and MRP software.

Finite Scheduling and the Food and Beverage Industry: What are the Benefits?  

The overall issue with standard production planning and scheduling in ERP systems is that it is based off of a form of MRP. These solutions assume infinite capacity and work utilizing lead times that include queuing time as well as processing time and will take into account only a couple of other constraints such as due date and minimum batch size. There are also many other constraints and rules to be considered when attempting to create an adequate schedule. 

Utilizing finite scheduling or Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software can easily aid your operation through increasing operationally efficiency and ensuring that your production schedule is on time and able to fulfill any customer requirements/fulfillment times. Before implementing finite scheduling into your manufacturing operation, it is essential to understand the benefits pertaining to the software and how it pertains to the food and beverage industry.

Benefits of Finite Scheduling in the Food and Beverage Industry 

The benefits pertaining to finite scheduling in the food and beverage industry pertains to the following: 

  • Reduced Scheduling Efforts - Many manufacturers will spend an extensive amount of time attempting to locate the most advantageous schedule for their food production process. Finite scheduling enables manufacturers to be able to utilize “what-if” scenarios that allow them to locate the most advantageous schedule without making any actual changes to production. This ultimately leads to reduced scheduling efforts and less time pertaining to developing an adequate schedule for your production if any quick changes are needed to be made. 
  • Real-Time Information - Real-time information is a substantial component with modern-day manufacturers, considering that attempting to fulfill consumer obligations as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal. Finite scheduling software allows for real time information on lead-time and throughput as opposed to utilized theoretical data. This form of data is much more reliable and provides much more insight into the current operation. 
  • Waste Reduction - Waste reduction is another component pertaining to finite scheduling, considering that the software is able to clean up the production process and make it much more efficient. This allows for the production process to cost less, which will increase the amount of money that is coming in and make it a much more “lean” operation. Waste reduction is a key benefit of utilizing finite scheduling. 
  • Inventory Reduction - Inventory is essentially looked at as stacks of cash that are being set on fire every second that it is just sitting, which is why you should be seeking to move your product as quickly as possible. Finite scheduling levels your inventory and ultimately reduces it due to an improved production process that eliminates inefficiencies and bottlenecks within the operation. Inventory reduction also correlates with six sigma and lean practices and will save you money in the long run. 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software is a form of finite scheduling software that allows manufacturing operations to be able to have thorough insight into their overall operation and locate areas that are in need of efficiency enhancement. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software is a must for manufacturing operations that are seeking to enhance their production process and ultimately increase profitability, reduce waste, and fulfill any customer obligations in terms of fulfillment times and quality. 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software has become a must for modern-day manufacturing operations due to customer demand for increased product mix and fast delivery combined with downward cost pressures. APS can be quickly integrated with a ERP/MRP software to fill gaps where these system lack planning and scheduling flexibility and accuracy. Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) helps planners save time while providing greater agility in updating ever-changing priorities, production schedules, and inventory plans.

  • Create optimized schedules balancing production efficiency and delivery performance
  • Maximize output on bottleneck resources to increase revenue
  • Synchronize supply with demand to reduce inventories
  • Provide company-wide visibility to capacity
  • Enable scenario data-driven decision making

Implementation of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software will take your manufacturing operations to the next level of production efficiency, taking advantage of the operational data you already have in your ERP.

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