Lean Manufacturing Waste Minimization

9/24/15 7:55 PM

It's no accident that Toyota has grown from a small company in Japan to one of the world’s largest automakers over the past half century. Company founders, Ohno, Toyoda, and Shingo, found that eliminating waste from their manufacturing process improved product quality while cutting production time and cost.lean manufacturing This process of identifying and eliminating waste is now known as "Lean Manufacturing." Today's webinar discusses how globalization and new technologies facilitated a paradigm shift in lean manufacturing towards transactional lean.

The New Paradigm

Lean manufacturing is linear in structure; if one link in the chain fails, the process is put on hold. This setback prevents continued production until a solution mends the broken link. Transactional lean is a production methodology that enhances a business's adaptability to unexpected changes. Here we find Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) as the pragmatic approach to this method.

In short, APS software takes data from systems containing all information concerning manufacturing and optimally allocates them to meet changing demand. This software aims to improve operating results through searching and eliminating seven common wastes:

  • Overproduction
  • Transportation
  • Excess Processing
  • Defects
  • Motion
  • Inventory

APS also eliminates a newly discovered "Hidden Waste." Find out what that waste is and how it's eliminated in our webinar.

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