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IoT: Its Role in the Evolution of the Smart Factory

By John Cameron -

3/11/22 2:30 PM

In the not-so-distant future, all technologies will be integrated and will cooperate to create a smarter, more efficient whole; this is called the internet of things (IoT). To the manufacturing world, that means that facilities will become smart...

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Fujitsu Improves Manufacturing Process with Intel Collaboration

By PlanetTogether -

2/9/22 2:00 PM

The fast-growing integration of the internet of things (IoT) in the manufacturing industry has prompted software companies to design with IoT in mind. The problem, however, lies in connecting to the legacy equipment that is currently being used in...

Advanced Planning and Scheduling, PlanetTogether, Implementation, APS, IoT, integration, Internet of things, ERP System, manufacturing technology, APS benefits

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Smart Manufacturing Technology: Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

By PlanetTogether -

10/15/21 7:42 AM

What if one-day factories could function primarily on their own and self-regulate and self-balance production? What if production intercommunications were all at an all-time-high and real-time level? What if such a production environment could...

Factory Scheduling, Industry, IoT, Smart Factory 4.0, Industry 4.0

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